From time to time, I get asked about just how do I arrange and broker deals. Well, as I always say, it’s a long story. The beginning of the process for me was in learning about the equipment I was selling. At first, it was broadcast equipment. As time has gone on, and the systems have changed, some going from analog to digital; I have had to learn as progress is made.

What I do is buy and sell for my customers — act as a go-between for two or more of them in negotiating agreements, bargains, and other sales. Because I have the knowledge of the equipment, it is valuable to both the buyer and the seller. In addition to sales and purchases, my knowledge of the gear has led to a number of appraisals for companies that are for sale or are gathering information for estimates they need. After the appraisals, it is a natural for me to sell the equipment for the new buyer, or the owner.

It is actually a gradually growing process that starts with several customers, and grows from there (and so on, and so on, etc.). At this point, I have many customers who use my skills in selling, buying, negotiating, and appraising. It is important the customer gets the best deal they can. Managing the sales, and the other transactions has to begin with trust. My customers come to me because they trust me. Then they recommend me to others.

Here are some quotes from customers I have worked with:

Thanks Michael – you are very good at your job and thanks again for your diligence.


Taylor Pinson

Hello Michael, Superb work and salesmanship! It could not have been better.

Ousama Rawi

We have used System Associates for about a year, and Michael has done a great job selling off our surplus equipment at fair prices. The transactions are simple for us, freeing up manpower along with storage space.

Joel Rome

Otto Nemenz International



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    Looking good



  3. Hi Mike.

    Impressive upgrade. You might change the LEVE A REPLY section so that if one does not enter data in the * fields it does not erase the comment field when the SUBMIT COMMENT box is sellected. You already have my information so I did not enter the data again. I had to go back and start all over again.

    Now that I am retired I find myself doing some unique wood working and making something that was not there before. It is kind of like when Walt and I started System associates.

    It makes me feel good to see what you have done with System Associates. Keep up the good work.



    Thanks Bill I’ve really been enjoying it.

    This is a Word Press web site. Open source web authoring. Not bad.


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